May 13, 2022
microblading for men

Microblading for Men

If you're a male and considering microblading but worried that it's only for women, worry no longer! Learn more about microblading for men in Asheville, NC!
May 10, 2022
microblading touch up

Treat to Complete – Touch up to Perfection

Perfect brows often aren't achieved in one session, free touch up sessions (at Luminate Microblading) are often required. Learn more here!
May 6, 2022
oily skin for microblading

Oily Skin & Microblading

Oily skin can affect which microblading technique you should consider, find out which technique would suit your skin best. Learn more here!
February 2, 2022
Perks of Microblading

Perks of Microblading

You can have perfect brows from the moment you wake up everyday. Here are just some of the advantages of getting microblading!